The Ivan Manufacturing Product Development Process

Our years of extensive experience and knowledge across a variety of industries has provided us with the insight to develop a comprehensive 10-step product development process.

Step 1: Product Concept – The first step of our due diligence provides insight on the product, market and competition.

Step 2: Preliminary Engineering – Our engineering team creates a flowchart of the development process, identifying steps, roles and responsibilities.

Step 3: Industrial Design – With the results of the preliminary engineering, we identify a production process including requirement materials and machinery.

Step 4: Mechanical Design – We determine the functionality of the device, the materials to be used and the required mechanical parameters.

Step 5: Electronics Engineering – Selecting the appropriate electronic design and components significantly expedites the development process.

Step 6: Sourcing – Our team searches and identifies the optimal partners for materials, components and when needed, specific fabrication.

Step 7: Prototyping – The prototype is the baseline of converting the product from a concept on paper to a tangible good.

Step 8: Research & Development – The completed prototype is tested to examine the functionality and expedited ability to meet all certification requirements.

Step 9: Testing – Devices are created to officially test them to the regulatory requirements necessary to permit the sales of the product in the specified markets.

Step 10: Manufacturing – With certifications in hand the products are ready to be manufactured, packaged and shipped.

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