About Us

Ivan Manufacturing has been operating in the electronic engineering industry for over 15 years. We have served hundreds of clients seeking assistance with a variety of product development needs. Our knowledge and expertise has allowed us to become a leading provider of product design, component sourcing and manufacturing services. Our unique approach is a key enabler to many of our clients, who seek assistance helping them navigate product development, device certification and supply chain partner selection.

Innovation and quality are the backbone of our organizational culture, driving us to excel in everything we do. This concept guides us in determining the people we employ, the partners we select and the processes we use. Our decisions are comprehensive, meaning that we look at all facets of the business. The product must be functional but yet profitable. With team members and partners in office functions such as sales and marketing as well as accounting and procurement, we assist customers with analyzing the best solutions for their products. We also complete in depth competitor analysis and market analysis.

To complete these lofty objectives, we must completely immerse ourselves in our customer’s businesses. We must understand the strategic goals. We must understand the strengths and weaknesses of our customers so that we can capitalize on the strengths and address the weaknesses. Our due diligence and analysis is unmatched and has provided us with the fortune of developing many long-term relationships in an industry that can often be considered transactional.

Whether your product is a consumer electronic, medical device or highly-classified military product, Ivan Manufacturing has the expertise and global network of resources to lead your product from concept to finished good.